Author Christopher R. Paniccia

Christopher R. Paniccia is a Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design where he studied Printmaking and a Graduate of Bridgewater State University where he studied Education.
Loving the coastal areas of New England he spent many summer days in Port Clyde, ME. As an artist, the combination of the New England coast and its people allowed him to create wonderful paintings and illustrations capturing the essence of the area.
The ever changing New England coast and his love of printmaking inspired him to work with the media of scratchboard. This meticulous approach to the much older art of scrimshaw allows him to capture the stark contrasts of the nature and beauty of New England. He is one of only a handful of artists who apply this style of art professionally.
After serving as an active duty combat medic in the United States Air Force during Desert Storm he finished his teaching and art degrees. He has been teaching both Elementary as well as College students for over twenty years.
He is married and has three lovely daughters and calls North Providence, RI home.
As an indie author, Christopher R. Paniccia writes and publishes his own books. He hopes to inspire others to put their ideas into print as his students inspired him to do. His Debut series, The Gridiron Conspiracy Trilogy is an epic tale of mystery and intrigue. This mystery thriller will astonish even the most critical readers. The Gridiron Conspiracy Trilogy has elements for every type of reader with the characters drawing you into the story. The terrific Sci-Fi twist has people wondering whether the story is real or fiction!