Carly Winn Cosplay

Carley Winn loves cosplaying Harley Quinn and has been doing so since 1998. She has over forty versions of this character alone. She is a long time comic book fan of everything from Batman to X-Men. She also is very knowledgeable of retro video games and table tops, and has helped run several LARPs. She was mostly self taught with help from Gosu Loli magazine, which she discovered while studying in Japan. This led her to sewing Lolita fashion, and through cosplay she has made everything from ball gowns to battle wear. What she loves most about cosplaying is doing so with others and for charitable causes. She is a member of Heroes for Hire, a cosplay charity group, and she is also on the board of directors for Circus Complex, a nonprofit circus arts school in Newton.
At RetroXpo, Carley will be bringing her retro gaming systems, costumes, and artwork. She will be photo op’ing/fundraising with Team Zombie Leader along with Red Bark Crafting & Akanesaotome Cosplay at the show.
Please check her out on fb:
Twitter: @carley_winn
Instagram: carley_winn