Red Bark Crafting

Red Bark Crafting - Spring 2022

Red Bark Crafting believes that you should fly your fandom banners proudly! They aim to find the perfect fit for your personality. Modern & vintage fabrics, upcycled old clothes for a new look, or practical re-useables such as bags and masks. Offering a wide array of in-stock and custom options to find you the perfect garment or accessory at RetroXpo! Helping Zombie Leader fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Keep an eye out for some new materials & items to this show.

Tree tells a bit about themselves:
Red Bark Crafting is face of my freelance business. Hello! My name is Tree. I’m a seamstress, artist, creator, and now, teacher (yikes!) in the Boston area. I started Red Bark Crafting in 2015 as a landing spot for my growing list of custom sewing gigs. Whether for fashion, cosplay, or making tote bags for comic books at my former shop, I absolutely love creating new things for new people.

I’ve since expanded my efforts adding some daily use items such as dice bags and masks. Using cloth fabric (often recycled or vintage cloth!) to help replace disposables is one of my favorite ways to use my skill set to try to help reduce waste.

When I am not hiding in my sewing room, likely swearing at my serger, I spend my time with my photographer fiance and two miniature wolves, Kodie & Mika.

More information on Red Bark Crafting can be found on their website and social media:

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