Zombie Leader

On April 1, 2023, Zombie Leader will once again infect RetroXpo in Tiverton, RI, by spreading good deeds one bite at a time! Founder Todd Zavorskas believes in Cosplay in the Community and has been a pillar of the Cosplay scene since 2013 in New England and beyond. This year, Todd will be fundraising for […]

Carley Winn

Carley Winn loves cosplaying Harley Quinn and has been doing so since 1998. She has over forty versions of this character alone. She is a long time comic book fan of everything from Batman to X-Men. She also is very knowledgeable of retro video games and table tops, and has helped run several LARPs. She […]

Kenneth Pereira

Kenneth just only started cosplaying in 2020. He is an IT Professional and all around nerd with a love of all things retro. He always dreamt of bringing those characters he loves based on those eras to life. With the likes of from Eddie Munson from Stranger Things. And Quicksilver from the X-Men movies. And […]

Bio-Weapon Lakota

“My Business is Fun Itself!” Lakota has been cosplaying for 6 years now, which originally grew from her love of video games, and her father having cosplay house parties throughout her childhood. Drawing and writing were also a big part of her life since she was young, but as of now, she finds more time […]


Blunnderland is a model, cosplayer, artist, and actress. Blunnderland also knows some conversational ASL as she has many friends and family in the deaf community. Just be patient with her as she may need some help once in a while. Did you know that she is also disabled? Blunnderland has a few autoimmune issues that […]

Sheikah Goddess Cosplay and Art

An artist with over 25 years of drawing and painting experience and a Bachelors degree in Illustration. Specializes in highly detailed black pieces and white and brightly colored canvas paintings. Especially enjoys creating fan art from classic video games and other fantastic fandoms. Also a veteran cosplay maker for the last 9 years having made […]


Hello my name is Nikki aka sweetangelgurl33cosplay. I attended my first comic con 10 years ago. It was amazing and I was eager to get involved. I love putting smiles on kids faces! Three organizations I help out when I can are: A Wish Come True, Autism Speaks, and Invisible Heroes of Tomorrow.


Vahlance is a small queer artist local to Rhode Island, working out of a studio in Pawtucket. They’re a multi-faceted artist, cosplayer, and all around huge nerd, with the themes of their paintings, jewelry, and fanart alike all relating to comfort and an appreciation for form & color. You can follow their work @vahlance or […]

Yue Ryder

“I am 24 years old an from New Bedford Massachusetts. I’ve have been cosplaying for 9 years and still continue to do so! When I was younger I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but what I did know was I loved Comics, horror movies, books, Anime, & crafting. My dad would always […]