Bio-Weapon Lakota

“My Business is Fun Itself!” Lakota has been cosplaying for 6 years now, which originally grew from her love of video games, and her father having cosplay house parties throughout her childhood. Drawing and writing were also a big part of her life since she was young, but as of now, she finds more time […]

Sheikah Goddess Cosplay and Art

An artist with over 25 years of drawing and painting experience and a Bachelors degree in Illustration. Specializes in highly detailed black pieces and white and brightly colored canvas paintings. Especially enjoys creating fan art from classic video games and other fantastic fandoms. Also a veteran cosplay maker for the last 9 years having made […]


401xWestchester creates soaps, beard oils, and balms with a comic/pop culture twist. We make small batch products with quality ingredients mixing function and fun. Care and detail goes into every thing we make. We love when people say “that’s exactly what I would think Wolverine would smell like” or chuckle at the realization that there […]


Vahlance is a small queer artist local to Rhode Island, working out of a studio in Pawtucket. They’re a multi-faceted artist, cosplayer, and all around huge nerd, with the themes of their paintings, jewelry, and fanart alike all relating to comfort and an appreciation for form & color. You can follow their work @vahlance or […]


Darkdiamonddesigns13 is a small business that specializes in everything Halloween and creepy. I make a ton of different crafty things (with a primary focus on the dark & macabre side of things) like: horror dolls, coffin decor, buttons, jewelry, ornaments, keychains, various home decor, stickers, vinyl decals & so much more! As an Etsy seller […]

MKT 3D Prints & Collectibles

MKT 3D Prints & Collectibles is excited to bring 3d Printed Pop Culture creations to people all over the world. Featuring all of your favorite pop culture from movies, tv, video games, trading cards, anime and more. Statues, busts, custom action figures, card stands, chalices and more! Starting as a personal hobby and then growing […]