Surfing Goat Soaps

A small farm in Ashburnham, MA, we celebrate the goat and those who value their silliness, usefulness and spirits. Surfing Goat Soaps brings “goat power,” to buyers all over at Our products are all natural, free of artificial colorants or fragrances, and supporting our small farm and others in New England.

Salty Jewelry for A$$holes

“Salty Jewelry for A$$holes was born in 2018 because I needed jewelry to reflect my thoughts and feelings. LIVE LOVE PRAY is not my vibe. “F**k off, go away, I hate your face” is more my style. We are a small woman-owned company and everything we make is hand stamped, hand packaged and made with […]

Kitschy Stitchy Kylie

Kylie is a textile artist who hand embroiders cartoons, comic and anime scenes. She received her BA at UMass Dartmouth in Textile Design. She aims to make people laugh and smile with her work, leading her to start her small business, Kitschy Stitchy Kylie.