Webcomic Creator Dylan John Michael

Dylan John Michael is a webcomic creator who illustrates stories about his life. The webcomic series features his wife, twin daughters and his dog. For the most part, his stories are comical with the goal of sharing “relatability” to viewers. You can find his creations at: dylanjohnmichael.com

Sloth Poop

An artist out of Massachusetts who enjoys painting the lighter side of the dark. His colorful art is inspired by horror movies, punk rock, hardcore music, cartoons, street art, tattoos, and birds. Welcome to Sloth’s world where his work will either leave you giggling and smiling like a kid again on Saturday morning or inspire […]

Veteran Artist Richard Maurizio

Richard Maurizio is a veteran artist who has produced work for Warner Bros, Turner Entertainment, Universal Studios, Sony Signatures and Archie Comics. His credits include developing educational and children’s books as well as co-producing a Tom & Jerry comic strip for five years. His licensing work includes Looney Tunes, The Animaniacs, Underdog, Thunder Agents, Jetta, […]

Wantsome Horror

Wantsome Horror is a husband and wife owned pop-up shop that began in 2021 based out of Warwick RI. Specializing in original artwork, handmade jewelry, home decor, and collectables. Wantsome Horror brings you their nostalgic designs in creative ways perfect for anyone who loves comics, cartoons and of course HORROR!

Kitschy Stitchy Kylie

Kylie is a textile artist who hand embroiders cartoons, comic and anime scenes. She received her BA at UMass Dartmouth in Textile Design. She aims to make people laugh and smile with her work, leading her to start her small business, Kitschy Stitchy Kylie.

Keith Gleason

Keith Gleason began his art career at the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning back in 1996 and has been making comic books ever since. Primarily a writer and letterer, these days he is the creator of the “Mighty Mascots” from Alterna Comics which was released in 2019 with great success! In addition to that he […]